When you walk into a hall full of introverts and you find one noisy extrovert,

When you walk into a ladies’ change room and you find one male janitor pretending to be cleaning the window panes,

When you walk into a class full of thinkers and problem solvers and you find that one guitar-weilding fellow absent-mindedly plucking at the strings,

Whenever there are TTs on fleek going, there is this one follower of yours who is busy retweeting pictures from @TitiesOnFleek

And you ask yourself “Who the heck is this guy?”

The guy you find walking around on campus with one leg and half

The guy who walks into a silent auditorium whistling tunes that makes no sense,

And everyone around turns With their eyes reading, “Who the heck is this guy?”

But hey, relax. My name is Prince, not “This Guy”.

I can see I’m making progress indeed,

Because I have decided to stop looking like a pathetic guy with a different gait in need.

More like a freestyle,

Planned but not rehearsed; no more looping of a daily routine.

More like Agya Koo,

Scripted but not controlled by its words like a machine.

And oh! The fear of an insufficient tomorrow?

Like how you and I panic when we hear of imminent sorrow?

Nah! Let’s  not throw the towel in,

Go with the wind; but with caution.

Life can’t be that complicated.

Even if it is we are the very ones who complicate it

With our worries, insecurities and fears.

How about you see life this way:

No matter what you do; good or bad, consequences seems to be inevitable.

 Difference is one is less painful and gruesome.


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