Sitting around the bonfire, like a litter of puppies suckling on their mother’s ever-nourishing breasts.

With our eyes wide open and our ears pricked like greyhounds ready to pick the waves from the mind of Bolarinwa the Great Orator.

I remember this very well,

How, with much eagerness and excitement my playmates then and I asked him,

“Uncu, we dey wait they story oh. Time don reach na”

He cleared his throat as he held his staff tight.

“My children, I want to tell you a great story,”

He said as he looked around to see if we were following.

He seemed to love what he saw, we were gleaming with excitement.

He adjusted himself and continued,

“About someone mighty, a great deity

At whose beck and call is Mother Nature.

She walks on stars and leaves behind her, trails of

Hoolahoops like the rings of Neptune, and traps shooting stars, using them as the sand in her hourglass.

My children, you might not understand, but this is not even enough to describe her awesomeness.

Her eyes sparkled as a reservoir of uncut diamonds would.

Her graceful gait like a wavy nebula system in motion.

And when she speaks,”

Uncu Bolarinwa paused and took a deep breath.

“It snows.”

Honestly, if you ask me if I understood half the things he  said,

I really can’t say for sure that I did.

If I should write all the description he went on and on and on about, I would run out of ink and paper.

Nevertheless, it was more of an ear candy,

We loved how he always use big words; so we thought.

And how he tend to use his stories to make us feel dandy


He said with great intensity

And that was where my interest began to gather momentum,

The story just began

“She wasn’t known for any of that.

Neither was she known for her kind heart

She wasn’t even acknowledged for her power and dominance,

Not for her ability to make great men look like mere boys.

But the magic her hair did when she flipped it,

The way each strand of hair glowed in the dark like molten gold,

were so perfectly wavy, you would think they were made in the workshop.”

Nah, see I ain’t doing this.

I won’t go down memory lane just to tell you all the things he said about some deity’s hair.

I mean, tell us she could do things Venus, (please insert all of ‘em female gods here for me) couldn’t do.

But it really baffles me how, of all the things she could do, her hair was what stood out.

Then I remembered.

“Oh! We are in Africa”


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