20 messages from 4 conversations.

Two new followers.

Adwoa Smart just liked your LONG note.

3 new snaps view.

12 revines.

Warning! Battery level ain’t on a fleek bruh!


Reduced totally to pop sounds and notifications, all in the name of technological simplifications; are awesome conversations and serenading.

Back screen lights almost like stars now if you were staring down from a hot air balloon at night.

Red for no,

Green for yes.

Enter, backspace, enter again for a session of brief “hello –hi” conversations.

Blood pulses now taking the form of electrical pulses,

Heartbeats now morphing into gadgets’ vibration,

Break a leg but don’t break the screen,

“Open the app at this time, let’s have our meeting”, while the open airy space behind the gardens lays unused.

Cries of drop that yam, when you pull out a “simple” phone,

Missed calls aren’t rose flowers anymore,

Text messages now outmoded, they seems more like the only medium telecommunication companies use to transmit their annoying messages.

Of course,

“Hey can we meet at Eddies Pizza at 5 today,” now “Hey check your whatsapp”.

When was the last you picked a newspaper?

Compared to how you constantly scroll through your social media news feed?

When was the last time you called to say hello?

Compared to the number of times your heart skips a beat when you get two blue ticks yet no reply?

When was the last time you dropped your phone and took a stroll?

Compared to the number of times you wake up and first thing is you stretched your hand to pick your phone?

Smartphones et al are unbeatably awesome, helpful tools,

But don’t let them make us look like a bunch of i-can’t-live-life-without-this-phone fools.

If there was a sentence setting up us in front of a firing squad,

I will be the first to go,

Followed by the rest of you phone-hoarding zombies.




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