These Hands 

These Hands 

Feels like brain massage

Sting like Bee

this piece is inspired by this image which i saw on instagram , posted by @bebeautifulla photohraphy by @pauljungdiary
Do you know how many times these hands have bled?The tears these hands have wiped away ?

Even when they’re covered in grime and sweat

I bet

The creases and the scars are deeper than the Canyon grand

Than the path that the Ephesus has conjured.

But the darkened pigments aren’t darker than the ageless night
Do you know, how many generations these hands have fed ?

From your father to your father’s father, and your mother before him

To the time when all women were queens and the men, kings

To the age when these wrinkled fingers wore diamonds and gold that it picked rather than slaved for

That only unfold to spank the Kings behind
Do you know how many times these hands have clawed at the metal chains…

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For Granny

99 years ago, a queen was born

Before she came, there were wars and crisis that have never been won

Her arrival was like happiness reborn,

Her arrival was like the personification of God saying “Darkness be gone”

And she brought light with her, into a world that seems not to know so much about sharing and caring

And she brought life with her, into a world that seems to be on the low when it comes with vibes that gives off energy strong enough to invoke the best of smiles in a special way even from miles away

99 years ago, a queen was born

And she knew how to make things right without saying that much about how to do it, where to do it, when to do it, what to do and the perfect time to make things happen without having to blow your horn

She was awesome

She was beautiful

She is My grandma

She is beautiful

She was adorned with everything GOD thought of when he took a rib from Adam to create Eve

She was adorned with everything a man would think of when he paints a picture of a perfect woman

She was adorned with everything wonderful a parent would wish for in a child

She was adorned with every piece of grace, charisma, beauty and everything worthy

She was called Mercy

Fast forward, 99 years later

She brought up her own seeds, almost all by herself, her companion left her to join the gods just midway of the journey to take care of her own seeds.

She was everything, a one woman company, she was a nurse, a farmer, a seamstress, a singer who would kick the ass you of your favorite singer, a linguist, a teacher, a father, a lover, a leader, a journalist, a lover, a warrior, a farmer, a queen, a king, these and many more

The fruit of her labours were very tasteful and much loved, thanks to her gentle spirit

And I happened to be one.

I happened to enjoy her presence, her food, her jokes, her advice, her “Prince, s3 wonim s3 me p3 wuasem paaa”, her little treats, they were all fun.

I remember the first day I got to meet her after hearing so much about her, it all felt like yesterday.

How she hugged me and showed me off amongst her peers, it all felt like yesterday

How I suddenly got connected to her, like she actually raised me, it all felt like yesterday

My grandmother, was the sweetest

My grandmother, I don’t know much about yours, was the greatest

My grandmother, was the bravest

She always reminded of what it feels like to have someone you’d look up to as a reason to looking forward to waking up to another breaking of a dawn

She always made sure she is at my door every single morning just to say good morning

She knew just how to touch my heart just by reaching for my hands

I would have loved to go on and on with all of this mourning

But I’d would also love to share something with you all, something grandma would be happy to see me do

Have you ever thought of tomorrow can’t be a thing when you close your eyes??

Have  you ever thought of the fact the last time you saw that one person, the people you love might actually be the last you would see them,

What if they closed their eyes to go to bed for the last time?What if tomorrow never comes, would they ever know how much you appreciate, cherish, and love them?

And to you Granny

I’ve always thought you would be around, for a while, to watch me do the things, go to the places, be the person you would have loved

I’ve always thought you would tarry a little bit longer so that I would take you to the places you have always been talking and buy you all the things you wanted

Especially that Samsung Omia phone you requested for, for your 100th birthday

I even thought I would get to see more days where you’d coerce me to eat your rice and stew, like you did that night, that night before that fateful, never knew that was the last time I was going to get to see you smiling

Until that fateful morning, 22nd July 2015, 4:25am, I don’t think I will ever forget this date

Until that fateful morning when you started coughing, rushed to get you water, hoping I don’t get too late

But then it looked like the usual dose of water and patting you didn’t work

It got worse and we knew you had to be taken to the hospital

I wouldn’t lie Grandma I was not even thinking of you leaving, I was thinking it was just one of those your old lady coughing and that you’d be fine, but God had other plans

Time to get you to the hospital, quite a bad timing fateful chose for you

Or maybe that was how it was planned

I really don’t know but I wished it’d have been better

I wish I know granny, but I don’t have the answers

I remember the neighbor coming to our aid, there was a car in their house, but the only one who knew how to drive wasn’t around

And I happened to be one of the 20 year olds plus who don’t know how to drive

That was when I knew I had to run as fast I could to get you a taxi to make sure you survive

That was when It finally hit me that perhaps your time has arrived

Shook that thought off, tried to stay hopeful, that you would make it out alive

So I could tell you one more time how much you have contributed greatly and positively to my life

But you had other plans Grandma

Perhaps the sight of heavens bursting before your eyes was too strong for you to resist, perhaps the sight of paradise had you finally hooked up, perhaps you were too happy, too joyful picking up rose flowers from this paradise forgetting that we needed you back here alive, when the taxi finally I arrived.

Perhaps I was too late

Maybe if I had run a lil bit faster

Maybe if I had prayed while I run

Maybe if I had run faster and prayed a lil bit harder

Maybe if I knew how to drive a car

You’d still be alive

And when you finally closed yours before my very own eyes, the pain I felt me scared, scarred and torn apart like a knife was stuck in my aching heart.

Till that day I never knew it hurt this bad to loose a love one to the icy fingers of death

Your departure left me in pain, drove me insane, wishing for rain, cocaine, ethane, maintain, contain, you see I am at this part of the poem where I didn’t know what I was writing because my eyes were clogged with tears, my hands got shaky, the pen felt heavy, my mind got choked, entirely in a state of depression, frustration, hacked emotions filled with a mixed of anger, hunger, eager to get stronger but only end up weaker,

Your departure left me crying, wishing, regretting, hoping, falling singing, hoping, shaking, bleeding, hiding, smiling, cursing, questioning, hurting, typing, whining, timing, wallowing, and writing

Your departure Grandma, left me, dying, on the inside

And words can’t express how much I miss you already

Lord knows the number of poems I have written and burnt, since you left,

This one seems to be the surviving one, maybe for now.


I know you won’t be happy with me if I keep doing this to myself

If I keep crying till my tear ducts feel like the dust from the sahara desert

It’s hard to not think about it Granny

But I have to be strong, for my mum, your daughter, my siblings and myself

I would be all the things you wanted me to be

I would do all the things you’d love me to do

How you hugged me, told me you love and hugged me again

I would never forget

I really hope I set things right and be that good man, husband and father

Be that one fine engineer and an awesome spoken word artist whose lisp and limping didn’t come in his way, as you’d always say.


I do hope you find rest at the other side

I hope where  you are, you watch me smile and watch my lips read out this poem with every single emotions and strength I have in me.

I pray God keeps you granny

May your soul rest in peace.

Ow granny! I almost forgot I am learning to drive a car, hoping that one day, maybe one day I would wake up and realize it was all an inception point, at the point where I had to drive our neighbor’s car,

Just maybe, that time around you’d be here to watch me burn this poem

Until then Granny

Sleep well

Poetyk Prynx