Have you ever wondered why the sky chose to be blue

and the ground beneath our feet lies just there with no clue of what colour it want to be??

Like how at some place it’s grey, red, black and sometimes you just can’t tell

Have you ever wondered why the sky never gets to kiss the ground, though it spends every single passing seconds staring hungrily at it, come rain, thunder bolts, lightening, hurricane and sunshine??

Have you ever wondered why your fingers twitch when you are hungry?

Or why your eyes blink for no apparent reason?

How about those moment when you smile so hard to yourself when you are all alone, do you know why?

Make me sandwich, or maybe just toast that three-day old butter bread you bought from Aunty Ama’s provision store

I am sure you are also quite wondering how the above statement has anything to do with this whole piece(or should I call it a poem or short story or maybe an articulated thesis {NONFA!})

Back to business, have you ever by chance been bitten by a mosquito on an odd place like your balls (for the guys) or your ni*beep sound*le (for the girls) and you just go like,

“for real??? Of all my body parts, that’s where the mosquito chose”

Let’s get a little bit more serious

Why can’t we get what we want?

Why can’t the people we love, love us back?

Why can’t we go the places we really want to go?

Why can’t we just have things just the way we want them?

Why can’t just our twitter crush just @ at us. (or at least retweet our thirst tweets)

Why can’t we just get laid like how often our bedsheet gets laid?

Why can’t God just help us out of our reckless situations, without no delay and us not having to go through all the stress in the name of growing strong in the faith?

Most importantly, what is this piece driving at?? (and fuckingly heck yeah, how does that picture relates to this post?)……..wait!!! there wasn’t even a picture in the first place, but for once you thought there was…so you see

It’s Simple


Poetyk Prynx